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Storage Port offers flexible short-term and long-term mini storage spaces for rent in Bratislava.

Storage Port je slu?ba, ktorá vám ponúka na krátkodobý alebo dlhodobý prenájom selfstorage sklady v Bratislave. 

Mini storage units from 1.5m2 to 50m2 meet the needs of your business at every point. No matter if you need to store seasonal furniture, archive administrative documents or temporarily increase space for inventory, at Storage Port you will find the perfect size mini storage for your business’ individual needs.



od 50€ (month)
sklad 1,5 metra stvorcoveho

Storage unit S can easily serve as the archive for your company administration or as secure storage space for your inventory. Here you can store more than 30 large boxes of documents or goods from two pallets.


od 77€ (month)


sklad 3 metre stvorcove

Storage unit M is perfect for storing everything from a smaller office. Here you can also store seasonal goods, office furniture or up to 60 boxes of documents.


od 108€ (month)


sklad 7 metrov stvorcových

Storage unit L can help flexibly expand inventory during strong sales periods like Christmas, back-to-school or end of season sell offs. Goods from up to 5 pallets can fit in this unit.


od 210€ (month)


sklad 12 metrov stvorcových

Storage unit XL is space the equivalent of renting a garage. For example, e-shop owners who can no longer fulfill orders from their current premises will surely find use for this space. Such full featured warehouse space will help to move your business to a higher level.


individual price


sklad 25 metrov stvorcových

Storage unit XXL is the ideal solution for city logistics for small and mid-sized companies and e-commerce projects. A higher level of security, individualized locking space, storage on shelves, racks or pallets, electrical outlets, and internet connectivity in the unit, are standard features of unit XXL at Storage Port.

* The minimum rental period is 2 weeks.

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Storage Port for personal use will be available in the fall of 2020. We strive to create a service that meets all the expectations of our customers. Help us get to know your needs and preferences by filling out a short 10-question survey. Filling it out will take you a maximum of 1 minute for which you will receive a 25% discount from your first rental payment.

Note: The questionnaire is only available in Slovak.

How does it work


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The term self storage refers to a service providing the rental of personal warehouse units. It is a very popular service throughout the world and we are glad that we can bring this modern, affordable, flexible and secure concept to Bratislava. Storage Port employs brand new technologies that are commonly used in hotels to ensure an easy rental experience.

Storage Port is located in a building with 24-hour security service, CCTV system and other security technologies. The entrance to the building is electronically secured. Only renters have access to the warehouse.

Storage Port is open daily from 06:00 to 22:00. During this time, you can visit your storage unit as many times as you like. You will be provided with a unique PIN code for easy access which you will receive after booking and subsequent check-in.

The minimum rental period is 14 days, the maximum is unlimited. You can extend or shorten the rental period at any time online.

No, our service is also available to individual and household customers who need more space in different life stages. If you want to use Storage Port for personal use, please visit our Home section.

Yes, the operator of Storage Port is a VAT payer. If you want to use VAT please select this option during the process of ordering your space.

Our self storage warehouse is located in Bratislava on Ivanská cesta 26 near Avion shopping center and IKEA department store.

Ivanská cesta 26,

If you are interested in news from the Storage Port,
leave us an e-mail

If you are interested in news from the Storage Port,
leave us an e-mail