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How To Use Self-Storage for Your Business? Even These Big Companies Started in Small Spaces

Many companies started their business in garages or small warehouses – and so can you. Let’s take a look at examples of how self-storage can help you in starting up your business too. The fact that a successful company can be created even in limited conditions is not only a Hollywood movie plot but also the reality of companies that rank among the most successful.


When an ordinary garage is no longer enough

Few would say this, but Amazon is among the companies that started in a garage. Its founder, Jeff Bezos, originally started Amazon as an online bookstore, out of the garage of a rented house in 1995.

In an interview with Business Insider in 1998 he said that companies starting in a garage often are moving to separate spaces not because of the capacity of the space but because of the lack of a power source for their equipment.

However, Amazon’s rapid growth was not sustained for long in the space of a single-family home garage – as was the case for many other big companies as well.

Another giant in whose story the garage has played a role is Apple. Although it is often said that the garage was the place where Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak’s initial idea was conceived, the garage was used in the early days as a warehouse for their finished products.

And they were not the only company that started out storing goods in a garage. Sportswear brand Under Armour and one of the tech giants, HP, have also started storing their goods in limited space. Mattel began to write its story similarly. Although we know it today mainly for its iconic Barbie dolls, as early as 1944 they began producing original photo frames, which they initially stored in a garage.

Of course, huge brands like these already need huge warehouse spaces to store their goods. However, if you’re starting your business smaller and your garage isn’t suitable or available for storing your goods, there is a simple, straightforward, and reliable way to store your goods: a self-storage at Storage Port.

The largest self-storage unit (XL) at Storage Port can fit up to 100 large boxes, and you can also store furniture or other items important to your business. You also have easy access to the storage unit so you don’t have to worry about your goods going bad, and you are also guaranteed security.


The warehouse or self-storage is useful even if you don’t sell products

Let’s go back to the companies that were created in garages or makeshift spaces. Not all of them were used only for storage or production of goods. Walt Disney started out creating illustrations in his garage, Bill Gates’ garage was the birthplace of Microsoft, and Larry Page and Sergey Brin worked on the creation of Google in their garage. Everyone has probably heard about how Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in his dorm room.

These companies, whose names are familiar to everyone today, have long since moved out of garages and dormitories and have thousands of employees working in offices that are a models for companies all over the world.

Our Storage Port self-storage units are also used today by companies that do not directly store goods but need to store their documents, seasonal furnishings, or other work-related equipment. Choose the size of the warehouse for your business according to your needs.


Self-storage for your business or home

At Storage Port, we offer a choice of storage units for both households and businesses. They are located in the same premises and have the same dimensions. If you are going to use the space for your business, we recommend you choose the Business option when booking. This way you can take advantage of the VAT deduction option. As a business, you can also choose a large storage unit with an extra space of 25 m2 – if you are interested in this type of space, please contact us.