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What Will Fit into Storage Units S, M, L, or XL?

Are you choosing a storage space to rent and not sure which size to choose? We’ve looked at the different sizes of storage units and what fits in them.

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Once you’ve decided on to rent a self-storage unit, the required dimensions are one of the basic questions. The size of the storage needs to fit your needs about what you want to store in it, but be sure to take into account whether you’ll be visiting the storage more often and taking things out of it regularly. In that case, it is ideal to consider dimensions that allow you to store things more neatly and so they are also accessible. You can also rent a metal rack for boxes, folders, or other small items directly during the booking process for an additional fee to help you store things more effectively.

However, let’s take a look at the storage sizes available at Storage Port and what all can fit in them. You can rent all of the storage units as an individual or household (in which case select the HOME option) or for businesses (in which case select the BUSINESS option).


Storage unit S

The S storage is 1.5 m2 in size and can be used for longer or shorter-term storage of smaller items or smaller quantities of items. More specifically, you can think of this space as the size of the traditional storage area in an apartment building or as a space where you can store the contents of one small van. It can hold up to 30 large boxes and can be rented to store 4 bicycles. For short-term rentals, such as when moving or renovating a home, the storage unit can fit furniture from one room. HOME S storage rental is suitable for singles or young couples.

The S-size storage unit will also serve smaller companies. They can use it to store administrative documents or accounting or to store goods from about two Euro pallets.


Storage unit M

The M storage with a size of 3 m2 has enough space to store the contents of one van of smaller dimensions. You can store up to 50 large boxes, summer or winter tires from your car, or sports equipment such as a bike, paddleboard, or snowboard. This is also a popular option for renting when moving or remodeling an apartment – in this case, standard furniture from a one-bedroom apartment will fit here. You can store a smaller sofa, cabinets, and shelves in it, but feel free to store a refrigerator as well.

For business use, the M-size warehouse can be used, for example, for temporary storage of office furniture from one office, seasonal furniture, or boxes with documents or goods.

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Storage unit L 

The L-sized storage unit offers up to 7 m2 of space for storing equipment and furniture from a two-bedroom apartment: a medium-sized sofa, a bookcase, a washing machine and fridge, car tires, and up to 50 large boxes. L-sized storage units are also often used for seasonal storage of garden furniture, outdoor decorations, or sports equipment, and are the equivalent of a garage (except for a car, of course).

Businesses will especially appreciate an L-sized warehouse during busier periods. They can hold the contents of up to five Euro pallets or 50 large boxes, giving them plenty of space to store goods before Christmas, seasonal sales, or Black Friday.

Storage unit XL 

The XL storage offers a respectable 12 square meters of storage space, making it suitable for the needs of the whole family, for example, if you don’t have any other storage space or a garage. It can accommodate the complete contents of a large van or furniture from a larger apartment or house, including a dining table, larger sofa, or wardrobe. You can also use it to store larger garden furniture, as well as a lawnmower or motorbike. When storing in boxes, you can count on space for up to 100 large boxes.

For business purposes, this is a large enough space for an entrepreneur to take their storage space, and therefore their business, to the next level. It can also accommodate larger-sized goods as well as several folders or boxes of documents.

Storage unit XXL – only for business

The XXL storage with a size of 25 m2 is designed exclusively for small and medium-sized companies or e-commerce projects. Its benefits are not only sufficient storage space but also high security of its own lockable space, storage in racks or on pallets, electrical outlets, and internet in the unit. The rental of this unit is arranged individually, if you are interested please contact us directly.