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5 Benefits of Renting a Storage Port

Looking for a place to store your belongings and wondering if self-storage is the right choice? Let us introduce you to the benefits that renting at Storage Port offers!

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When the storage space in your apartment, basement, or garage is no longer enough to put away the things you are not currently using, the search for suitable storage space for rent comes next. There are several different options to choose from. We’ve taken a look at Storage Port’s self-storage and what benefits it offers.


Easy booking

Finding a space to use as a storage facility doesn’t always have to be quick and easy. If you want to avoid looking at spaces, haggling over price, and lengthy negotiation of terms, a self-storage unit is the ideal solution. Renting a storage unit in Storage Port is simple and you can sort it out in a few clicks. On the website, you can find all the necessary information about the renting and choose the size, the duration of the rental, and any special services. Should you desire a tour of the facility, a virtual tour of the warehouse is available. You don’t have to go and sign the contract in person beforehand, you simply turn up on-site with your belongings after booking your unit trough the website. At the time of the agreed start of the rental, you will receive an SMS code that you can use to get into the building for access to your unit.


Choice of warehouse sizes

In case you decide to look for a self-storage unit to rent, one of the first things you will be interested in is its size. You will certainly find storage spaces of different sizes on offer, choosing the one that suits your needs the best will again require time and perhaps a possible tour of the premises. However, not if you opt for a Storage Port. There are four different sizes of storage units to choose from, from the smallest units for storing smaller items to XL units where you can easily put away furniture from around the house, 100 large boxes, or larger-sized garden furniture.


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Flexible rental

Looking for storage for the winter season, want somewhere to store your belongings for two weeks while you’re remodeling your apartment, or need a place to rent for the long term? At Storage Port, you can choose the length of your rental to suit your needs. You can choose between the Fix option, which is a fixed-term storage rental with full payment upfront, or the Flexi option for a long-term rental where you pay regular monthly payments and can end the rental whenever you need to. In short, as it suits you best.

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Guaranteed rental security

If you’re looking for a place to store your belongings, you’ll naturally be interested in its security. Places that are accessed by a large number of people or that are not adequately secured may therefore raise doubts about their safety. You do not have to worry about security when you rent a self-storage unit at Storage Port. You will be given a security SMS code to enter the storage facility and use it to open the vault. Inside the building, you will have your own lock to secure your unit. In this was, no one else has access to your storage unit but you. The entrance to the facility is electronically secured and properly lit, the entire facility is protected by cameras and 24-hour security guards.

Location and access to the warehouse

Storage Port is located at Ivanská cesta 26, Bratislava. The location is in a place easily accessible from all parts of Bratislava. You can access the storage area seven days a week from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm, as often as you need to. When transporting larger items, you can use the cargo gate and trolleys that can be found at the entrance to the warehouse. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Are you convinced by the benefits of renting our storage units? Book your Storage Port space today.