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How to Store Seasonal Items?

With seasonal cleaning comes the question of where and how to best store the things you won’t need for the next few months. We have a great solution for you! Self-storage units solve capacity problems without the worry of stored items getting damaged.

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Summer sports are over for a while, so your paddle board, bike or roller skates will have to wait until next spring or summer for their season. Garden furniture, decorations, and summer tires, as well as summer clothing, for example, may also require winterization. All these things need to be stored properly so that they don’t become unnecessarily cluttered in your home. How to manage seasonal cleaning as efficiently as possible?

Tips for seasonal cleaning and storage

Before you start putting things away that you won’t need in the coming season, here are a few tips to keep in mind. They’ll help you keep your belongings looking like new and ready to use right away, even after the season is over.

  1. Seasonal cleaning is the perfect time to sort through your wardrobe or furnishings. Storing pieces of clothing, sports equipment, or decorations that are no longer functional is pointless. Discard and separate the broken items, but for the functional items that you will no longer use, you can try to find a new home through bazaars or donate them to friends.
  2. Put away only clean, laundered clothes. The ideal place to store clothes is not in plastic bags, but rather in boxes or cloth bags. Store them in a clean, dry, and warm place. You can put lavender sachets with them, for example, which will make things smell nice when you take them out next season.
  3. Clean your bike and other sports equipment thoroughly of any dirt or mud before storing. Also, clean the entire gear system, then apply a coat of oil. If you’re not going to use it any time soon, store it covered with a special cover or even a simple tarpaulin.
  4. Even with patio and garden furniture, you should store it cleaned and dried, ideally covered with a tarpaulin. Before storing, check if any parts require repair or replacement.
  5. Things like decorations, and small sports equipment, try to fold up as much as practical before storage, place in their original packaging, blow dry, and cover. Do not store anything damp or dirty, this will avoid mold.

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Where to store it all?

If you live in a larger house with separate rooms for storing unnecessary items, this may not be a problem. The problems start when storage options in your home are limited. Shared spaces in blocks of flats are not exactly a guarantee of safety, and basements may not provide suitable conditions in terms of dryness and warmth. Not to mention that storing garden or patio furniture or bicycles in the flat is impractical. You don’t want to turn a functional room into a storage space.

At Storage Port, we can help you with seasonal storage in a clean, dry, and secure self-storage unit. Choose the unit size you want, select the date you need the rental by, and once your reservation is complete, just drop by Ivanska Cesta 26 in Bratislava with your belongings for storage – as often as you need it. The entire booking process is detailed in our How it works section.


sezonne upratovanie, storage port, self storage, bratislava, sklady na prenajom, self storage sklady, sklady, slovensko

Storage made for households

We offer storage units of various sizes. Whether you only need to store a few small items that you don’t have room for in your apartment, or you want to take advantage of larger storage sizes, it’s up to you. You can choose from storage sizes S (1.5 m2) to XL (12 m2).

The self-storage system allows you to visit them as often and at the times that suit you best. Only you will have access to your storage unit, thanks to a key and PIN code, so the security of your belongings will be taken care of. All of this is still overseen by a security guard.

Storage Port offers both short and long-term rental options – it’s up to you when you decide to swap your stored summer things for winter items when the winter season is over. Book your self-storage unit at Storage Port now.